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In Today’s business and production scenario, providing services and assistance alone is not enough to solve all problems. Being a Total Water Management Solutions Provider, We at Ion Exchange Services Limited, came up with the concept of  “The Knowledge Forum”. With this concept we try to empower the users of Water Treatment Plant by upgrading and updating their knowledge on the various aspects related to Water Treatment.

It is a forum where we try to share our knowledge and experience with the users of the Water Treatment Plants and Equipment at very nominal cost.



The Basic Module of the Training Programs consists the following:

About Us: This will give you a brief idea about Ion Exchange Services Limited and the our range of services.

Basics of Maintenance: It tells you about the basics of maintenance required for a Water Treatment Equipment.

Water Chemistry : This takes you on the journey to the world of Ions,metals,solids to get basics of chemical reactions right.

Technology Update: This will inform you on the latest happenings all across the world in the arena of Water Treatment .

Answers for Your Questions: An open forum for you to ask any question on the  maintenece and servicing of your Water Treatment Equipment.



The forum is designed to be of use to


     We can also provide the following services at your doorstep

Reference Work
Literature search on any of the topics related to above subjects
Compilation of Bibliographies & Citation Indices
Photocopying Photocopies of publications/papers
You can subscribe to abstracts of articles, mainly on water & waste water treatment and technologies from current journals - national & international, published fortnightly.
Current Awareness Service
Photocopies of the contents of current periodicals and a list of current publications received in our library on the topic of your interest can be dispatched to you periodically.

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